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The totally new, totally electric, Cricket ESV Mini Mobility Golf Cart offers the perfect blend of form and function. Easy to handle and easy to stow in just about any larger vehicle, these mini golf carts can be carried in a lightweight rear platform on most RVs, small campers,pick-ups and SUVs. The Cricket  Mini Golf Cart is one of the most versatile golf carts in the world.

Model: Single-seat CRICKET Electric Sport Vehicle Four-wheel, electric-powered

Power: Single 24-volt magnet DC 1,000-watt motor

Transmission: Direct drive through 30:1 reduction gearbox

Speed Control: Twist-grip step less control for smooth operation

Directional Control: Forward/Reverse switch conveniently located on main control

Maximum Speed: 8 to 10 mph in consideration of terrain

Hill-climbing ability: 1:3 Gradient

Battery Charging: Plug charging unit into rear of buggy

Frame: MIG-welded high-tensile steel with corrosion protection

Body: Molded in polymer-reinforced plastic

Brakes: Single regenerative electromagnetic braking

Batteries: Two heavy-duty sealed 12-volt 85-amp/hour, in series

Battery charger: 10-amp, automatic cut-off when fully charged

Tires: 13” x 6.50 x 6” Tubeless

Turning Radius: 96” inside

Overall Length: 65” (including utility box)

Overall Width: 32” (including utility box)

Overall Height: 28” (when folded down)

Weight: 303 lbs.

Load Capacity: 600 lbs.

Run time: Over 6 – 8 hours on full charge

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