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Our Evolution Revolution Golf Cart is essentially created according to the user’s needs:


Evolution Revolution:  $12,995.00

Revolution Security

Revolution Security Cargo 900  

Revolution Cargo 900: $12,995.00

Revolution Cargo 1000

Most of all, the Revolution Golf Cart is a must have for your collection of favorite things. In your world of personalized houses, cars, yachts and your lifestyle in general the Revolution golf cart is the missing link. As a result, make your golf and leisure time as luxurious as your other times.

Whether you are going to the golf course, the market, or simply out to enjoy a beautiful day, the Evolution is your elegant choice.

The Evolution Golf Cart is certified with the Federal Government (NHTSA/DOT) so that the Evolution can be offered as a “Neighborhood Electric Vehicle” (NEV), which qualifies it for street use and may also qualify you for a Federal Income Tax Credit with IRS .

Body TPO injection molding body
Chassis Powder coated chassis
Dimensions Revolution: 99″×58″×67″
  12″ wheel and tire
Battery AGM 12V maintenance free battery EV 12-160A
Motor 60V 4KW AC motor
Battery Charger 60V 18A 110V battery charger
Controller Curtis AC 1234E-6322(300amp) Controller
Seats 4 Passengers
Speed 25 mph maximum speed




Other Evolution Revolution Golf Cart Features

  • Headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, horn
  • Direct drive
  • Radio and speaker
  • Mp3
  • Speedometer
  • Battery meter
  • Adjustable seats
  • Power windows
  • Openable rear window
  • Air-Conditioning/Heater
  • VIN plate