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There is finally a truly Custom Electric 39 Roadster Golf Car that is reasonably priced…America EV, the recognized leader in affordable Custom Electric Vehicles, is pleased to introduce the all-new 1939 Roadster Golf Car.

The 1939 Roadster was built with purpose and reliability in mind.

Here are several examples of the 1939 Roadster in several different configurations.

America EV has revolutionized the Electric Vehicle Industry by re-inventing the 1939 Roadster in the  increasingly popular Golf and Community Car platform from the ground up.

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Our dual purpose platform allows you to transform your 39 Roadster from a community vehicle where you are the talk of the town to being the envy of everyone on the golf course when you add an easy to use hand- release golf bag attachment.

American EV has also certified the 1939 Roadster with Federal Government (NHTSA/DOT) so that the Roadster can be offered as a “Neighborhood Electric Vehicle” (NEV), which qualifies it for street use.

Unmatched Engineering in the 39 Roadster…

The quality of the 1939 Roadster begins in the engineering of the car from the ground up and especially with the use of all new parts.

The golf cart frame rails are made from rugged and corrosion-proof all aluminum I-beams.

The 1939 Roadster golf cart uses a long lasting 48-volt system to ensure maximum range using industry leading Trojan batteries managed by the SEVCON computerized controller.

The Hi-output 17.5 peak horsepower AC motor is powerful enough to move you and your passengers at speeds up to 25 miles per hour and yet it is efficient enough to deliver a higher range than the industry average.

The 39 Roadster also features an on-board 12-volt converter that gives you an in-dash power source to power you cell phone or laptop computer.

For added safety, the 1939 Roadster has been outfitted with standard headlights, brake lights, turn signals, horn and is the only golf cart to feature a standard 4-wheel braking system, which includes the use of front wheel hydraulic disk brakes.

With all of the standard features that have been engineered into the 39 Roadster, Advanced EV has reset the bar in the Custom Electric Vehicle industry to a level that has never before been seen and that other companies can only hope to come close to.

Standard Colors of  the 1939 Roadster

  • Orange
  • Arctic white
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red

Custom Paint

The 1939 Roadster is also available with customized paint and graphic schemes to promote your company or just add that special personal touch to your vehicle for an additional cost.

39 Roadster Golf Car Rentals:  Available With Drop Off and Pick Up Service.

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