Aluma 6 Passenger Lifted Lithium Golf Cart | Aluma Lithium Cart

The Aluma 6 passenger lifted lithium golf cart is a street ready vehicle that can reach a maximum of approximately 25mph, and comes with all the safety features needed to register the cart as a street legal low speed vehicle (LSV), including headlights, taillights, brake lights, horn, and turn signals. LEDs in the side mirrors also function as turn signals. Our Aluma carts come with multiple accessories pre-installed, such as a front clay basket, custom, color-matched 3-tone luxury seats, and color-changing LED lights underneath the roof, cart body, and in the dash compartments. These LED lights can switch between 8 different colors and includes a remote to control them. A powerful 105AH lithium battery is a standard feature in the Aluma golf cart, while most other golf carts come with the standard lead-acid battery system and need to have a lithium battery installed. The lithium battery in the Aluma 6 passenger lifted lithium golf cart is 80% lighter than a standard lead-acid battery system, and also has a much longer lifespan and driving range, and a fast 2.5 hour charging time. Lithium batteries are zero maintenance, meaning they do not need the waterfilling and terminal cleaning/tightening that lead-acid batteries do.

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aluma 6 passenger lifted golf cart, aluma 6 passenger cartAluma 6 Passenger Lifted Lithium Golf Cart Features

  • 8 color LED lights underglow under canopy roof, includes remote
  • 8 color LED lights underglow with remote under cart body, includes remote
  • 8 color LED lights underglow with remote in dash, includes remote
  • All aluminum chassis frame
  • Front brush guard
  • Front clay basket
  • 400amp programable controller with regenerative braking
  • Custom luxury 3-tone padded seats with custom stitching
  • Folding rear footrest
  • Storage compartment inside rear armrests

Aluma 6 Passenger Lifted Lithium Golf Cart Specifications

  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • 48v 105 AH lithium battery with onboard charger, 8 year warranty on battery
  • Factory lift all trail DOT tires
  • 14” alloy rims with 23 inch DOT tires
  • 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  • Thick tinted folding windshield
  • Horn
  • Very bright LED headlights and tail lights
  • Turn signals
  • 4 way hazard flashers
  • Covered storage under rear seat
  • Extra legroom under front seat
  • Rear flip seat
  • Digital speedometer
  • Digital odometer
  • Luminated battery gauge, digital state of charger meter
  • Key to start
  • Side view mirrors with turn signal lights
  • Extended long roof
  • 6 x 2 point retractable seat belts
  • Fender flares
  • Built-in 12 volt converter with USB (for adding accessories like stereo or LED lighting)
  • Hi- low speed switch

Tech Specs:

  • Motor: 5KW AC brushless
  • Controller 400 amp AC
  • Transaxle: High speed
  • Ground clearance: Approx 12”
  • Black diamond plate rubber floor
  • Seating capacity: 6 people
  • Four wheel coil over stock heavy duty suspension, with double A-arms
  • Top supports: Galvanized steel. Anti-corrosive dip w/powder coat