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The key component in an electric golf cart is the battery. Golf cart battery Palm Beach achieves their maximum performance over extended time periods by having the ability to discharge to lower voltage levels without significant damage. In short, golf cart batteries can run for a relatively long time on just one charge. This is the main qualifying factor for a deep-cycle battery. In addition to golf carts, deep-cycle batteries are used for power storage in RVs, forklifts, boats and other personal watercraft, and for many renewable energy systems such as wind power or solar power.

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Golf cart battery Palm Beach is available in 6V (6 volt), 8V (8 volt) and 12V (12 volt) sizes in order to support multiple configurations of the most commonly used 36 volt and 48 volt golf cart systems. System voltage depends mainly on the manufacturers’ specifications as well as the size of the cart and the features included.



Product Name Price
Crown 6v $149.oo
Crown 8v $169.oo
Crown 12v $259.00
Interstate 6v – Deep Cycle $149.00
Interstate 8v Deep Cycle $169.00
Trojan (T-605) 6v – Deep Cycle $159.00
Trojan (T-105) – Deep Cycle $169.00
Trojan (T-875) 8v – Deep Cycle $189.00
Trojan (T-1260) – Deep Cycle $289.00
Trojan (T-1275) – Deep Cycle $289.00
Brute Force 6v $149.00
Brute Force 8v $159.00
12v AGM (Ford Think) / Group 31 $320.00


Battery Size Price
6V $69.00 up
8v $79.00 up
12v $99.00 up

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