The 4kW AC Motor drive system in the Advanced EV 2 Passenger Golf Cart truly puts Advanced EV a cut above the rest. Backed by a 350A Toyota Controller, this is not the golf car of old. Passengers can feel the thrill of pure acceleration from the moment they step on the accelerator pedal. In addition to acceleration, the AC drive brings with it increased torque and climb ability. You can tackle a broad range of very complicated terrains without worrying. Let the old style DC drive systems stay on the golf course, let our AEV lineup take you beyond!

advanced ev 2 passenger golf cart, advanced ev golf cart palm beach

advanced ev 2 passenger golf cart, advanced ev golf cart palm beach










Advanced EV 2 Passenger Golf Cart Specifications:


  •  92″ X 46″ X 74″


  • Trojan 6 x T875 8 Volt Battery
  • 48V AC Motor
  • 350 amp TOYOTA Programmable Controller With Regenerative Braking
  • 48V On-Board Charger


  • 2 Passengers
  • 24 MPH Maximum Speed
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • DOT Tires
  • 10” Alloy Rims
  • Folding Windshield
  • Horn
  • Headlights Tail Lights
  • Turn Signals
  • Speedometer
  • Battery Gauge
  • Key To Start
  • Side View Mirrors
  • Roof With Drip Edge
  • Retractable Seat Belts
  • Built-In 12 Volt Converter (For Adding Accessories Like Stereo or LED Lighting)

Tech Specs:

  • Motor: Brushless 4KW Voltage: 48V
  • Controller: TOYOTA 350 AMP AC
  • 48V (8VX6) Charger: Pro Charging Systems on Board Charger
  • Transaxle: 16:1 High Speed
  • Seating Capacity: 2 People
  • Forward Speed: 24 MPH
  • Chassis: A-Frame Powder Coated Steel
  • Four Wheel Coil Over Stock Suspension
  • Top Supports: Galvanized Steel
  • Frame: Anti-Corrosive Dip W/Powder Coat 

More info available at the Advanced EV Website