T-Sport 6 Passenger Lifted Golf Cart | America EV T-Sport Golf Cart

The newest addition to the America EV golf cart fleet is the 2023 T-Sport 6 passenger lifted golf cart, a street legal LSV that comes fully loaded with a 17-digit VIN number and a high performance 105AH lithium battery. The T-Sport 6 passenger lifted golf cart has 4 forward facing seats and 2 rear seats facing backward, and they come with custom two-tone padded luxury seats. All safety features needed to make it a street legal vehicle are in place – headlights, tail lights, brake lights, DOT windshield with wiper, DOT 3-point seat belts, a horn, and a speed range of 20-25mph. This cart is allowed on public roads that have a posted speed limit of 35mph or less.

The T-Sport 6 passenger lifted golf cart also comes with many accessories that need to be purchased an installed in other golf carts, including a 105AH lithium battery, Bluetooth sound system,  backup camera, two-tone custom seats, windshield wiper, custom steering wheel, and padded cupholder armrests on the back seats. This cart is also unique in that it has 14-inch wheel rims, while most golf carts have 10 or 12-inch rims.

Lithium Battery Specifications

Model: BP-2030-ATI-PF, 51.2V, 105Ah

Bremark Power is dedicated to providing advanced lithium ion batteries which feature both high power and energy densities with a long lifespans and ultra-safe performance. The cells are made using some unique manufacturing technologies developed over the years. These completely automated unique battery construction processes allow Bestgo to build higher quality lithium batteries which have superior performance characteristics over older manufacturing techniques. Using those unique technologies makes it possible to produce cells that have amazing consistency. Every step of the cells construction is tested with automated high precision quality control equipment. With these cells building the standard battery modules, Bremark power in a very good position to help create solutions for a variety of energy storage systems applications.

The specifications as shown in the chart below describes the performance and detailed technical requirements of the Li-ion batteries that are supplied by Bremark Power Inc the products mentioned in the specification in accordance with GB/T18333.1-2001 Standard.

Item Rating Notes

  • Battery Model BWP-FE51100-ATl-PF -V1. V2. or -W1, -X1, means different versions
  • Battery pack Description 51 .2V 105Ah lithium ion battery pack Aluminum case, IP66, indicator with handles
  • Battery Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4
  • BMS and Fuse PCB BMS and fuse are built inside case. The fuse is 150A slow type.

Battery pack Dimension 432*266*254 i 1 mm (metal case size)
Fled and black terminals with M8 screw hole.
(L*W*H) and connector type 17*10.5*10 inch’s (metal case size)
Terminals have 18mm height above case.

Battery pack Weight 40.5 i 0.5 kg 89 i 1 lbs.

Rated Capacity > 105 Ah @ C/3. 23”C/73”F
Measured as 2.5V cutoff at cell level

Operating Voltage 51.2 V (average) @ C/3, 23”C/73”F
Working voltage range is 58.4 ~ 41.6 V

Charging Voltage < 58.4 V @ CC/CV charge mode
Can be changed to 57.6V for longer cycle life

Discharge cutoff Voltage _ 40 ~ 41.6 V (When any cell volt reaches 2.5V may trigger this protection). Set device (like a controller) low volt protection much higher to avoid trigger this protection.

Maximum Discharge Current

< 120 A @ 30min,23”C.30%s SOC s100%
< 260 A @ 15s. 23”C, 30%5 SOC s100%
< 320 A @ 053. 230C. 30%5 SOC s100%

Maximum Charge Current

< 50 A @ 60min, 23”C. 20%5 SOC 570%
Please consider heat accumulation if long time discharging with a large continuous current.

< 100 A @ 5min, 23”C. 20%5 SOC 570%
Please consider heat accumulation if long time charging with a large continuous current.