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Prime Golf Cars operates out of Palm Beach, FL, and offers unique and custom golf cars. We are your one stop shop for everything golf car related.

Red Moke Prime Golf Cars

Whether it be for business (industrial, cargo, people movers, etc.) or pleasure, our cars can be made street legal, perfect for driving around a beach town or your community, or simply driven around your local golf course.

Firstly, Prime Golf Cars offers 2, 4, 6 and 8 passenger electric cars for any need or desire.

Prime Golf Cars can provide any accessory you desire. Also, we can handle your Florida DMV services. We can ship to your door, whether you are in state, national or international.

All of our America EV cars come with a 1-year drive train warranty. Our cars are equipped with the latest 48-volt electric 17.5 Hp brushless AC motor, which is the most powerful on the market.

Most notable, is that we offer a standard selection of colors for all of our cars as well as the option to choose from many custom colors, personal graphics or unique schemes that are available at an additional cost. At Prime Golf Cars, we’ll help you hit the road in style!

Check out these celebrities that know how to cruise in comfort!


America EV is very proud to introduce new suspensions systems for the Golf-Estate vehicles. Now all current 39 Roadster Models will feature full tubular independent front suspensions systems with fully adjustable coil-over shocks. This new suspension system now offers the smoothest, most comfortable ride for all America EV customers.

Whether on the road, on the fairways or even out on the ranch these new suspension systems are designed for a smooth ride no matter the terrain.

Consequently “this new suspensions makes the current America EV cars the best handling cars that we have ever built. Out dealers and customers will be amazed at the way these new cars will handle all types of terrain.” 

Current Cars will be driven by Brushless Ac Motors!
15% more efficient, 30% more power

America EV is announcing another groundbreaking change in all of it’s current lineup of cars. Especially relevant is that all cars will now feature BRUSHLESS AC MOTOR DRIVE SYSTEMS, hence are capable of up to 5000 rpm.

On all LSV models, this drive system will achieve the federally mandated speed of up to 24 mph quickly and efficiently with plenty of torque for additional passengers and hilly terrain.

In conclusion, our Sevcon controller is the most advanced golf car controller on the market today. It has fully programmable functions for varying drive terrains.

Prime Golf Cars controllers also features:

  • on-board diagnostics, brake and throttle regeneration
  • auto roll-back features
  • and a 90 sec idle auto shut off for battery conservation.

In addition to a revolutionary forward reverse switch protection that will not damage the motor or controller.