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With each cart coming fully loaded with a multitude of accessories, our fleet of Bintelli Electric Vehicles are premium, high-end carts that are truly like no other. Bintelli Beyond vehicles are built from an aluminum frame and roof supports, and come complete with an AC motor, LED lighting, a backup camera, a Bluetooth sound system, a color-matched extended roof, a rear set that can be flipped and turned into a flatbed-like surface for transporting materials, two-toned premium seats, hydraulic disk brakes, head lights and tail lights, dual USB plugs, an onboard smart charger, turn signals, DOT 3-point seat belts, a DOT windshield with powerful wipers, and DOT tires.

Standard models have 14 inch wheels, and lifted models have 23 inch wheels.

Each Bintelli electric vehicle is built, fully inspected, and shipped from the home facility of Charleston, South Carolina, where a highly trained team of American workers puts every cart through strict quality checks and control. Bintelli carts are assembled from electrical parts purchased from all-American, industry leading name-brand suppliers, and offers many varieties of electric vehicles to ensure that there truly is a cart for every driver.

As low speed vehicles (LSVs), Bintelli Beyond carts come with a 17-digit VIN number, licensing them for street use on any public roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. Their multiple accessories like head lights and tail lights, seat belts, and windshield wipers make them able to be used on streets just like a regular car. Their maximum forward speed is approximately 20-25mph, and depending on the type of cart and battery, their running distance can reach between 30-40 miles, with the option of upgrading to a longer range for an additional fee.

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