Palm Beach County Golf Cart Rental | New Golf Cart Rental Locations

If you’re looking for a Palm Beach county golf cart rental, we’ve recently added multiple new locations to our wide range of rental, sale, and delivery cities. Each of the locations described below not only has its own website, but you can also use the linked text to be taken to the website’s Facebook page. On our Facebook pages for our various locations, we provide updates as to what golf carts are available for rental or for sale, a wide selection of our golf carts and accessories in our Facebook shops, and fast replies to inquiries that come through Messenger. Our Facebook gallery also displays multiple carts and accessories from many angles – visit our Prime Golf Cars Facebook page here!

palm beach county golf cart rental, new golf cart rental locations

Juno Beach Golf Cart

palm beach county golf cart rental, new golf cart rental locationsBetween Jupiter and Riviera Beach – where our main store and showroom is located – is Juno Beach, right at the top of the Palm Beach Shores area on the beach. This area is filled with multiple golf courses, clustered right around Palm Beach Gardens. Golf courses and country clubs in and around Juno Beach include Seminole Golf Club, Lost Tree Club, and North Palm Beach Country Club. Off A1A are many access points to the beach, where you can park in a beach parking space just like a normal car, and enjoy the scenery of the beach. The golf cart is secured by the parking brake, either manually activated by stepping on the button on the brake pedal or pulling up a lever in the middle of the cabin (parking brakes vary by cart), or automatically activated if it’s an electronic brake.

Vero Beach Golf Cart Rental + Vero Golf Cart Rental

Vero Beach also has our newest store and showroom, and you can view some of the golf carts and golf cart accessories we have in stock by checking out our Google Places store.

Both locations are right next to each other, with multiple nature parks and golf courses scattered throughout the two cities. Lagoon Greenway is an example of one of Vero Beach’s hiking areas, with long, scenic trails and a path right to the lagoon. Nearby is the McKee Botanical Gardens, an 18-acre patch of native and exotic plants and trees. Along the edge of Vero Beach are the Spoil Islands, artificial islands accessible only by boat that were created by channel dredging in an effort to promote Florida boating and commerce. Many visitors use small shallow-draft personal powerboats, and other boating vessels such as kayaks, canoes, and sailboats are allowed as well, and available for rent in many areas around the Islands. Camping on the recreational Islands operates on a first-come-first-serve basis, and is free with no reservations required.

Boynton Beach Golf Cart Rental

palm beach county golf cart rental, new golf cart rental locationsRight by Boynton Beach is the Village of Golf, a small village built right on a golf course. Many more golf courses besides the ones clustered here can also be found in Boynton Beach, such as Westchester Country Club (open to the public!), Pine Tree Golf Club, and Indian Spring Country Club. Another nearby small town is Manalapan, a beach side community to which we’ve done several deliveries. Close by is Lantana, where our golf cart service center is actually located – if you’re in need of service for your golf cart, we can pick up and drop off once the work is done! Visit our service page to learn more about what brands of golf carts we repair.

Delray Beach Golf Cart Rental

palm beach county golf cart rental, new golf cart rental locationsDelray Beach is almost directly between two of our showrooms – our main Riviera Beach location, and our smaller store in Fort Lauderdale, and right below Boynton Beach. Golf carts are very popular in Delray – we’ve rented and sold many of our golf carts to customers in Delray. Interesting and noteworthy places to check out in Delray Beach include museums such as Spady Museum, with exhibits on African-American history, and Sandoway Discovery Center, a science museum where you can feed sharks and stingrays. Various nature parks lie along the side of the beach, and as mentioned before, golf carts can be parked in regular beachside parking spots just like a car. Several golf courses and country clubs are also dispersed throughout the city, such as Delray Beach Golf Club and Lakeview Golf Club. There’s even a miniature golf course for the kids – Putt’n Around right near Federal Highway (US-1).

Other New Locations

Our new locations aren’t all in the area of Palm Beach county golf cart rental – some are south and closer to our Fort Lauderdale location. These include Lighthouse Point Golf Cart Rental – close to Deerfield -, Southwest Ranches Golf Cart Rental – out southwest near Weston -, and a Miami location: Miami Gardens Golf Cart Rental. Check our rental rates for pricing information – we offer various packages for multiple days (3 days, 5 days, 7 days, etc.), and delivery and pickup is an additional fee. For more on delivery and pickup fees, use our contact page to get in touch with us, or use any of the links above to be taken to their respective Facebook pages and contact us on Messenger.