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Our main store and showroom is located in Riviera Beach, FL. At this store, we have many different golf cart brands available for sale and for rental. We have various new and used golf carts available for sale; to view the used golf carts we have available, visit our used carts page, updated frequently with new arrivals added and sold carts taken off!

Below are just a few of the many golf cart brands we have available for sale and/or rental.

Golf Cart Brands

EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha Golf Cart Brands

golf cart brands, ezgo club car yamaha golf cart, evolution golf cartThese are easily the most common golf carts, and you’ve likely seen one or more either on a golf course, being used for security in a plaza parking lot, transporting passengers around a job or event site, and many other uses. They are not readily made to be street legal, so you’ll often use them for event transportation or campsites. However, they can be upgraded with the safety features required to become street legal, but they do not come standard with these.

golf cart brands, ezgo club car yamaha golf cart, evolution golf cartBecause they are so common, they are also incredibly easy to find parts for – we have a variety of accessories and replacement parts available for all these carts at our parts website, Prime Cart Parts, where you can find not only parts specific to these carts, but universal accessories that can be installed on these carts and many others.


Evolution golf carts are currently the best golf carts in the industry, new models coming from the factory with several accessories already installed as a standard – this includes custom wheels with color-matched 14 inch rims, two-tone seats, a backup camera connected to a 9-inch LED display screen – this screen also connects you to the radio and Bluetooth options, where you can connect your phone and talk hands-free as well as play music from your phone -, and a lithium battery with a range of about 40-50 miles on a single charge and the capability of fully recharging in approximately 5 hours! With an Evolution, you won’t need a lithium battery upgrade, but for other carts that you’re thinking about converting to lithium, check out the lithium batteries that we sell – Roy Pow brand, leading in the industry -, including how you can purchase one of your own and have it shipped right to you.

Advanced EV

golf cart brands, ezgo club car yamaha golf cart, evolution golf cartOur Advanced EV carts make up a large part of both our rentals and sales fleet, many of our street legal golf cart rental carts being Advanced EV carts. We offer various golf cart accessories for Advanced EV carts as well, including but not limited to: custom two-tone seats available in a variety of colors, many colors of custom steering wheels, locking dashes that are installed to create a locking compartment in the dash, black, white, and tan enclosures, a front or inner dash basket, and side nerf bars for 4 or 6 passenger carts. To see our Advanced EV accessories, along with our various other golf cart brands accessories, visit our accessories board on Pinterest.

golf cart brands, ezgo club car yamaha golf cart, evolution golf cartThe Advanced EV comes in a variety of colors, and comes with the standard features of: headlights, tail lights and brake lights, turn signals, horn, speedometer, odometer, state-of-charge meter, dual USB outlets, side-mounted rear view mirrors, heavy duty rust-resistant convertible rear seat/cargo platform with grab bar and foot rest, and 3 point retractable seat belts and grab handles for all passengers. A tinted folding windshield is also available. Many of the features listed above are required for a golf cart to be registered as an LSV, so with its multiple safety features and maximum speed of 24mph, the Advanced EV is ready to become registered as a street legal vehicle.

Bintelli Beyond and Bintelli Nemesis

We have both the Bintelli Beyond and Bintelli Nemesis golf carts, both incredibly high quality carts with custom two-tone seats as the standard. As low speed vehicles (LSVs), Bintelli carts come with a 17-digit VIN number, licensing them for street use on any public roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less. Their multiple accessories like head lights and tail lights, seat belts, and windshield wipers make them able to be used on streets just like a regular car. Their maximum forward speed is approximately 20-25 mph, and depending on the type of cart and battery, their running distance can reach between 30-40 miles, with the option of upgrading to a longer range battery for an additional fee. Each Bintelli electric vehicle is built, fully inspected, and shipped from the home facility of Charleston, South Carolina, where a highly trained team of American workers puts every cart through strict quality checks and control. Bintelli carts are assembled from electrical parts purchased from all-American, industry leading name-brand suppliers, and offers many varieties of electric vehicles to ensure that there truly is a cart for every driver.


golf cart brands, ezgo club car yamaha golf cart, evolution golf cartWe have a page all about the Kodiak golf cart, a cart unique for its folding back foot rest that can save about 2 feet of space, and the largest golf car cabin in its class! The extra space and legroom makes the Kodiak ideal for drivers and passengers who are tall. Available as 4 and 6 passenger models, either lifted or nonlifted, the Kodiak can reach a maximum speed of 25mph, and comes with all features necessary for street legal registration – turn signals, headlights and tail lights, brake lights, a horn, and side view mirrors. Kodiak carts are not yet registered until the buyer decides, making them street ready rather than immediately street legal. All Kodiak carts have custom three-tone seats, a thick tinted folding windshield, hydraulic disc brakes, and a high/low switch next to the state of charge meter. Kodiak golf carts also come with an Eco lithium battery, a 48 volt 105AH lithium battery that is not only 80% lighter than a standard lead-acid battery system, but 30% lighter than other golf cart lithium batteries on the market.

Our Own Golf Cart Brands

America EV’s California Roadster, 39 Roadster, EV Wagon, EV Luxe, and Mokee are some of our own golf carts, assembled from the ground up and strictly quality controlled and inspected. All of our carts can also be customized with non-standard paint, and our Roadsters also have the option of the woody paint job, and colored hood flames cascading down the hood to the front fenders, one of the most popular customizations. America EV carts reach a maximum speed of 24mph, and come with all safety features needed to be registered as LSVs. Like the Kodiak golf cart, the America EV carts are street ready – not yet registered until the buyer decides.

We recently launched our newest website – Roadster Golf Cart, where you can find specifications and purchase and contact information on how you can get a Roadster as well. For more on America EV golf carts, visit our America EV website to view more pictures and cart specifications, and if you are interested in renting a street legal or non street legal golf cart, find our rental rates here and contact us to reserve your rental today!

Gas Golf Cart | Prime Golf Cars Gas Golf Carts | Utility Golf Cart

Many people prefer a gas golf cart over an electric one, or need one or several utility carts – most utility carts are gas – on a construction site with no easy access to an outlet to charge an electric one. With so many electric carts, gas carts are becoming harder to find. However, we have both new and used gas golf carts available for sale, as well as for rental!

It’s very difficult to find a gas cart that’s street legal, since laws have changed to only allow electric carts – this is because electric carts give off no emissions, and are able to maintain a speed of 24mph, the required speed golf carts must go in order to be allowed on roads 35mph or less. Street legal golf carts must also have a minimum of 4 passengers – 2 passenger carts are not street legal.

NOTE: The used carts pictured below may not be available after the time of writing. However, we may have similar used carts – gas or electric – in stock. Our American Landmaster carts are new and are available in several different models and colors. For more information on what’s available, use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Used Gas Golf Cart

From left to right, the carts featured in the gallery above are as follows:

2002 Club Car DS: A lifted 4 passenger cart with several accessories, including front and rear LED light bars, overhead radio and speakers, carbon dash with locking glove boxes, custom carbon steering wheel, and a custom long roof top. New 14 inch alloy rims and tires, and new black rear cupholder armrests. Custom luxury padded seats.

Custom EZGO TXT: Year unknown, 2 passenger golf cart with a custom zebra pattern body. New tires with gold-colored rims, neon LED lights on the sides, radio and speakers, and a custom dash with glove boxes.

2013 EZGO TXT: 4 passenger lifted cart in very good condition with a 13HP 400cc Kawasaki engine – runs fast, approximately 28mph. Several new features have been installed, including a 6 inch lift kit, 14 inch alloy wheels, 23 inch all-terrain tires, folding windshield, and fold-down rear seats.

2007 EZGO: 4 passenger cart with space between the front and rear seats for bags and other small cargo. 350cc engine and a new 12 volt battery. Cart has mirrors, a horn, and new vinyl seats.

2005 EZGO TXT: 4 passenger lifted cart with a front basket, head and tail lights, mirror, rear safety bar, and extended canopy. 12 inch wheels; all-terrain tires. Tan seats have some tears.

2017 EZGO TXT: 4 passenger lifted cart with a new body and 13HP 400cc Kawasaki engine. 6 inch lift kit, 14 inch custom SS wheels (SS tires are also available for purchase on our parts website, Prime Cart Parts), and 23 inch all-terrain tires. New seats and new fold-down back seats.

gas golf cart, prime golf cars gas golf carts, utility golf cart

Utility Golf Cart

Many of our gas golf carts are utility carts, with the option of a box bed or flat bed.

1999 Club Car Carryall 2: 2 passenger utility cart with an aluminum rear trunk with tilt dump.

2000 Club Car Carryall 6: 2 passenger utility cart with a flatbed, lights, and many new parts, in very good condition.

2006 EZGO Workhorse: 2 passenger utility cart with a rear trunk with tilt dump; includes lights, a tow hitch, and a front brush guard.

2008 Club Car Carryall 6: 2 passenger utility cart with a flatbed and canopy roof. Lights and good tires.

2008 Club Car Carryall Turf 2: 2 passenger utility cart with an aluminum rear trunk with tilt dump, lights, and a tow hitch.

American Landmaster UTV

We have a page all about each type of American Landmaster, and a page for each model.

Every American Landmaster UTV is fully American made, built from the ground up in Columbia City, Indiana, and built with 30+ new features in safety, reliability, performance, and design. It has its own, best-in-class Landmaster ride optimization suspension system (LROSS) for a smooth ride and driving experience over any terrain, with the utility bed loaded or unloaded. The LROSS and super-sport trailing arm lessens the roughness of driving over railroad tracks, uneven terrain, and rumble strips An all-steel frame protects both the inside and outside of the vehicle from rollover damage, while side skirts and fenders dampen outside noise from the motor and road. Not only is the winch protected from debris due to a winch mount behind the bumper, it comes with an in-dash connector for convenient remote access, and its new location frees up the front receiver for additional implements. American Landmaster also offers accessory packages including easy-to-install turn signals, LED lights, strobe lights, bed lifts, horns, dome lights, snow plows, and rear flood lights.

The American Landmaster models we carry are the L3, L4, L5W, L7, and L7X. All except the L7X have 2 seats; the L7X has 4 seats.

If you would like more information on the gas carts we have available, would like to see more cart pictures, or are interested in purchasing a gas or electric cart, contact us by using our contact form to get directly in touch with us. For more on used golf carts, check out out used carts page.

Roadster Golf Cart | America EV Golf Cart | California Roadster Golf Cart

Our specialty and luxury golf cart company, America EV, is proud to present our newest website – Roadster Golf Cart, featuring the 1932 California Roadster and 39 Roadster for sale and for rental! Based off the vehicles after which they are named, America EV’s Roadsters are much more affordable than their luxury car counterparts. They are assembled from the ground up with brand new, strictly and professionally quality checked parts in the United States, in our home headquarters located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Standard colors for the California Roadster are blue, yellow, red, white, and black, while the standard colors of the 39 Roadster are red, orange, yellow, black, and white. All standard color options are shown in the gallery below.

roadster golf cart, america ev golf cart, california roadster golf cartBoth Roadsters have the same safety features required for golf carts to become certified and registered as low speed vehicles (LSVs), meaning that they can be driven on roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. They have a maximum speed of 24mph, and come with headlights, taillights, brake lights, side mirrors, horn, and turn signals – features necessary to be registered as street legal. The frames of the Roadsters are made from rugged and corrosion-proof aluminum I-beams, and are also the only golf carts to feature a standard 4-wheel braking system, including the use of front wheel hydraulic disk brakes. With standard batteries, they can travel approximately 20 to 25 miles on a charge, and also have the option of upgrading to a lithium battery for a much longer range. We have a blog all about the benefits of upgrading to a lithium battery here, and a website for more information about purchasing one.

roadster golf cart, america ev golf cart, california roadster golf cartOne of the most popular customization options is the colored hood flames paint job, right up there with the woody paint job, where the sides, hood, back, and grill trim are airbrushed with a wood-grain pattern. For an additional cost, the flames can be added to the California Roadster or 39 Roadster, and the body of the cart can either be a standard or custom color. Other accessory upgrades include a hard-top color matched roof with stainless steel supports – featured in some of the images on this page -, custom rims and tires, 8 color neon lights under the cart body and/or roof (if applicable), a backup camera connected to an LCD screen, and more. All of these accessories and more are available for purchase at our golf cart accessories store, Prime Cart Parts – or, for an additional fee, you can contact us to arrange to have your Roadster customized to your exact liking with the colors, custom graphics, and accessories you desire. The gallery below features many customized California Roadsters and 39 Roadsters.

If you would like to know more about one of the specific Roadsters, check out our pages on the California Roadster and on the 39 Roadster, featuring large galleries of standard and custom carts. For more on our other America EV golf carts, including the EV Wagon, EV Luxe, and Mokee, visit our America EV website. To read more about the specifications and features of the Roadsters, visit our Roadster Golf Cart website and check out the cart of your choice.

Palm Beach County Golf Cart Rental | New Golf Cart Rental Locations

If you’re looking for a Palm Beach county golf cart rental, we’ve recently added multiple new locations to our wide range of rental, sale, and delivery cities. Each of the locations described below not only has its own website, but you can also use the linked text to be taken to the website’s Facebook page. On our Facebook pages for our various locations, we provide updates as to what golf carts are available for rental or for sale, a wide selection of our golf carts and accessories in our Facebook shops, and fast replies to inquiries that come through Messenger. Our Facebook gallery also displays multiple carts and accessories from many angles – visit our Prime Golf Cars Facebook page here!

palm beach county golf cart rental, new golf cart rental locations

Juno Beach Golf Cart

palm beach county golf cart rental, new golf cart rental locationsBetween Jupiter and Riviera Beach – where our main store and showroom is located – is Juno Beach, right at the top of the Palm Beach Shores area on the beach. This area is filled with multiple golf courses, clustered right around Palm Beach Gardens. Golf courses and country clubs in and around Juno Beach include Seminole Golf Club, Lost Tree Club, and North Palm Beach Country Club. Off A1A are many access points to the beach, where you can park in a beach parking space just like a normal car, and enjoy the scenery of the beach. The golf cart is secured by the parking brake, either manually activated by stepping on the button on the brake pedal or pulling up a lever in the middle of the cabin (parking brakes vary by cart), or automatically activated if it’s an electronic brake.

Vero Beach Golf Cart Rental + Vero Golf Cart Rental

Vero Beach also has our newest store and showroom, and you can view some of the golf carts and golf cart accessories we have in stock by checking out our Google Places store.

Both locations are right next to each other, with multiple nature parks and golf courses scattered throughout the two cities. Lagoon Greenway is an example of one of Vero Beach’s hiking areas, with long, scenic trails and a path right to the lagoon. Nearby is the McKee Botanical Gardens, an 18-acre patch of native and exotic plants and trees. Along the edge of Vero Beach are the Spoil Islands, artificial islands accessible only by boat that were created by channel dredging in an effort to promote Florida boating and commerce. Many visitors use small shallow-draft personal powerboats, and other boating vessels such as kayaks, canoes, and sailboats are allowed as well, and available for rent in many areas around the Islands. Camping on the recreational Islands operates on a first-come-first-serve basis, and is free with no reservations required.

Boynton Beach Golf Cart Rental

palm beach county golf cart rental, new golf cart rental locationsRight by Boynton Beach is the Village of Golf, a small village built right on a golf course. Many more golf courses besides the ones clustered here can also be found in Boynton Beach, such as Westchester Country Club (open to the public!), Pine Tree Golf Club, and Indian Spring Country Club. Another nearby small town is Manalapan, a beach side community to which we’ve done several deliveries. Close by is Lantana, where our golf cart service center is actually located – if you’re in need of service for your golf cart, we can pick up and drop off once the work is done! Visit our service page to learn more about what brands of golf carts we repair.

Delray Beach Golf Cart Rental

palm beach county golf cart rental, new golf cart rental locationsDelray Beach is almost directly between two of our showrooms – our main Riviera Beach location, and our smaller store in Fort Lauderdale, and right below Boynton Beach. Golf carts are very popular in Delray – we’ve rented and sold many of our golf carts to customers in Delray. Interesting and noteworthy places to check out in Delray Beach include museums such as Spady Museum, with exhibits on African-American history, and Sandoway Discovery Center, a science museum where you can feed sharks and stingrays. Various nature parks lie along the side of the beach, and as mentioned before, golf carts can be parked in regular beachside parking spots just like a car. Several golf courses and country clubs are also dispersed throughout the city, such as Delray Beach Golf Club and Lakeview Golf Club. There’s even a miniature golf course for the kids – Putt’n Around right near Federal Highway (US-1).

Other New Locations

Our new locations aren’t all in the area of Palm Beach county golf cart rental – some are south and closer to our Fort Lauderdale location. These include Lighthouse Point Golf Cart Rental – close to Deerfield -, Southwest Ranches Golf Cart Rental – out southwest near Weston -, and a Miami location: Miami Gardens Golf Cart Rental. Check our rental rates for pricing information – we offer various packages for multiple days (3 days, 5 days, 7 days, etc.), and delivery and pickup is an additional fee. For more on delivery and pickup fees, use our contact page to get in touch with us, or use any of the links above to be taken to their respective Facebook pages and contact us on Messenger.

America EV 1932 California Roadster

Not only do we offer a wide range of standard golf carts – both street legal and non street legal – for rental or purchase, Prime Golf Cars also owns our own golf cart company: America EV. In our main headquarters in Riviera Beach, America EV is run and operated by trained, experienced professionals, who use high-quality, completely new parts, and assemble them by hand from the ground up. America EV golf carts can reach speeds up to 24mph, which qualifies them for street legal certification. This means that they can become registered as low speed vehicles (LSVs), and can then be driven on roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less.

Today we feature the America EV 1932 California Roadster, an all-electric vehicle based on the design of the old car of the same name. These vehicles were built in our Riviera Beach location, with street legal features including headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, and seat belts. The frames of the California Roadster are made from rugged and corrosion proof all-aluminum I-beams, and each cart uses a system of Trojan batteries managed by the SEVCON computerized controller, capable of travelling for approximately 20 to 25 miles before needing to be charged.

These carts are available for rental, with rates starting at $295 for a single day rental of a street legal cart (Non street legal is $250 for a single day). Our rates page details the price of longer rental durations.

Standard colors of the California Roadster are Rosso red, black, arctic white, and yellow, but many carts have custom colored flames cascading down the hood, and also have the option of unique graphics and custom paint colors.

In order to charge the California Roadster, all you need to do is plug it into a standard wall outlet. These carts also feature an on-board 12-volt converter that gives an in-dash power source, where a laptop or cell phone can be plugged in and charged. Along with custom paint and graphics, the California Roadster can also be upgraded with features including but definitely not limited to: custom leather seats, a Bluetooth sound system, a backup camera, a color-matched roof, an underglow for under the cart body and/or under the roof, and a security system.

City roads, events, vacation destinations…wherever you may take the America EV 1932 California Roadster, it’s going to be a memorable trip, that much is certain. With a unique cart like one from America EV, you’ll be sure to stand out. If you’d like more information, you can read about the California Roadster and about its specifications on our website.